Finally, I’m going to have to learn to program for real!

Yes, I’ve avoided it all these many years. When in college, I did truly enjoy programming, to the degree that any addictive personality afflicted individual would, I did. So, realizing that I was skipping meals, not going home on time, and not getting into the gym as often as I had been, alerted me to the idea that perhaps programming would have ill effects on my health. That’s how much I liked it and that’s how I justified discontinuing that part of my education. This may have been one of my greatest mistakes. Programmers get stuff done. They have made computers useful and they are responsible for all the cool stuff that is available today on the web.

Now, at my advance age, I realize that I have to learn CSS, just to get a handle on how to make my next website look right. I’ve used dozens of tools by now that will automatically create web pages for you and none of them produces anything I would want to claim as my work. So, it’s back to basics for me. Maybe I’ll even learn a bit about creating original graphics for use with my CSS enhanced website. Oh, to be twenty-something again and not know that time was going to become an enemy 30 years hence.

Today we exchange time for money. In that time, I can make your computer better and make you better with your computer. It pays the bills, but there are few thrills. The one thing that does brighten up a room, though, is when I feel a student is born by watching me at work. This happens often enough to be encouraging. In fact, it happened just recently, with my last new client. She realized I could show her a few things about the basics of using a computer that would make her digital life much easier and now she is excited about having me come back for a few private lessons. That kind of validation is precious.

That’s all for today. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

If you know anything about expression engine, feel free to post your comments.


Brian Rouley