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It would be easy to weasel out of posting original content here, so I won’t do that. Instead, let me say that I’ve found the people who put stuff on the web to help you learn are extremely generous. As in, the folks at maxdesign, where you can find a tutorial on CSS. This site walked me through 22 lessons that made the basics of CSS pretty clear to me. The resulting code was quickly copied and FTP’d up to one of my hosted sites to produce my latest opus.

So, now, studying the 500+ pages of “The Missing Manual” on CSS will be a bit easier and far less boring. You have to love a great resource – but now I truly love online tutorials!

By the way, you might not understand the title of this post until you read “Exploring CSS for my websites” on mousehelp.org – Enjoy!

8 AM – time for breakfast. More, later…..