The Social Network

Not knowing how much you don’t know must make it easier to experience bliss. Now that I have seen the subject movie, somehow, I know a bit more about what I don’t know. So, I find myself just that much farther from a blissful state.

Imagine that this could happen to you…. Your significant other breaks up with you because you are an arrogant (insert profane derogatory term here) and you storm back to your dorm room to drink and write nasty things in your blog. This leads to the further mischief of writing computer code that becomes the basis for a billion dollar company. OK, now imagine zero. Now imagine infinity and beyond. It seems a little far-fetched, wouldn’t you say?

Maybe it happened that way. Maybe it didn’t. I heard that Bill Gates (also portrayed in this movie) at some point would not talk to you if you were not a technical minded person. He considered it a waste of time. How we got to this point with the Internet and how we got to the point where social networking is done through computer applications seems strange to me. The history of the creation of the Internet is somehow far more compelling than the story of Facebook – but I still liked the movie.

And now I know that I’ve used further and farther in the same blog post. So, that’s one more thing that I no longer don’t know. The difference is so subtle and so severe at the same time – something like a spelling error would point out the subtle difference between severe and sever – so I’ll cut it off here.

 Brian Rouley