Cemetery Junction

The description on the Netflix sleeve nearly talked me out of seeing this gem. In the space of about the first 10 minutes, you may find yourself hopelessly drawn into a pretty dreary picture of life in a small town. The characters are instantly recognizable as people you’ve known or may know and as quickly you know change is imminent.

Much of the story is easy to predict, but the way it unfolds, although at times approaching tediosity (yes, it is a word, obsolete as it may be), keeps you hoping for a brighter outcome. You are not disappointed, even if one of the characters does in the end leave you wanting. References to Elton John and the somewhat scant music reflecting the time makes it a pretty entertaining package. The last scene accented by Led Zeppelin is extremely satisfying.

Lessons learned; people who write descriptions of movies for Netflix sleeves should do a bit more to invite curiosity. And, sometimes you have to hang in there when things are going slow and even if this story is predictable to a large degree, it does not lack value. Also, sometimes you have to turn on the subtitles for an English film. If we hadn’t done so, we would have missed a lot of this movie.

We don’t do the thumbs version of movie reviews in my house. We sometimes say, “Nobody saw this movie. Too bad for them.” This was one of those times. It would pay you well to seek out this film and given the feel good finish, you’ll know you gained something by the experience.

In the inimitable style of Porky the Pig; inimi, inimi, inimi – that’s all folks!