Warning – Phishing Hole Open

Twitter version: When malware creators learn to spell, we’ll have to become more vigilant. Don’t click that lnk! Proofread for clues. BR http://wp.me/pRzRw-1u

Yesterday, I saw an email from “ProPay.net” with the subject line: “Brian Rouley sale bil 1308838083” – telling me that my account would be “debited of $436.00 USD” – with other non-sensical details. Like the numbers did not add up, the columns were not aligned and a return address in the header of PlugnPay.net – which did not match the From: information in line one. Enough said?

You know (if you know me), it’s never enough. Don’t click the link, don’t send a reply, don’t even think about clicking any of the live hyperlinks in this message. There is no bill (or bil), your account will not be debited for any of the four different dollar amounts (also malformed – 416.00$                 1              414.00$ ) and there is no tracking method or profile for you to manage. It is all bogus and almost clever, given that most people will want to know where they’ve inadvertently spent over $400 on something they don’t remember. You didn’t, so don’t go looking for trouble.

Lucky for us, the email has enough evidence to convince even the casual reader that it cannot be real. Without the spelling errors, there are still many incongruities (there’s a $10 word I’ve never used before…) to clue in even the least vigilant reader t0 the idea that whoever sent this email must be a moron. Clicking the links or looking for a way to avoid the “debited of” penalty will be an expensive move at this point. Blacklist the sender, trash the email and move on with your day.

That’s all for now. Later today, I’ll post the full content of the email and provide a link to it, so you can see for yourself how bad it really is!

MouseHelp at Rouzell.com