Stumble Upon Stuff v.1

That version number suggests this won’t be a stand-alone entry. Today, while looking for a domain name that suggests the idea of keeping business local (that’s a topic for a whole other rant), I came upon a backlinks analysis tool. You can find it here: – and if you enter your domain name, you’ll find which sites link back to your domain. Cool, huh?

Well, that’s nowhere near the punch line. Wait for it! Wait for it….

One site that links back to is: This is a website I created way back when, like around 1996 or 1997, It was updated a few times, like when our beloved Champagne died and I created a digital memorial to her life and times. She was a real beauty! But, that’s not the punch line.

ReoCities turns out to be the Phoenix of GeoCities, an early “do-it-yourself” website creation website that allowed you to put together a site using some pretty basic file transfer utilities. It was pretty slick for the time and I thought it was a good idea to create these neighborhoods, or cities, and you could choose where your website would be listed. I chose Augusta, based on my passion for golf at that time. GeoCities was purchased by Yahoo!, who then shut down the site (for reasons I can only assume had to do with a lack of revenue – so you have to wonder why they bought it in the first place!) and if you were unfortunate enough to have spent any time on your creations there, you were about to be left high and dry by the then almighty, Yahoo! Enter ReoCities. Just one letter away from the aforementioned GeoCities, created specifically for the purpose of collecting and redeploying most of the data comprising GeoCities.

Go ahead and type in and read all about it. When you get to the end of the story, click the last link on the right. Where it says, “madebyabi” and read some of that stuff. This guy is a “GeekJock”, self-proclaimed and he freely offers links back to his sites, his email, etc. I dropped him a line to thank him for his efforts to help transition geo to reo in the cities resurrection.

OK, there’s no punch line. This was just another example of random ramblings about how one thing leads to another and the path is as much fun as the destination. In the end, I relived a bit of history and found a new online resource for cool things done solely for the purpose of just being good, I guess. Also, I’m following Abi Noda on Twitter now, just to see what he is up to lately.

This post will find a short link and introduction on Twitter in a few minutes. For now, this is all I have to say. Here’s hoping you found this enlightening or at least somewhat entertaining. I know I did.