IE – Pronounced Aiiiyyyeee

Say NO to IEThanks to Dave’s computer tips for this image and his article supporting my concerns!

Sometimes Microsoft just marches in and changes things on your computer. Like when IE9 is insidiously installed without your knowledge or approval, it seems kind of heavy-handed, to put it gently. This can cause problems.

The simple solution is to stop using IE. Google Chrome, among many other players in this space, does a better job, with less overhead. There are other browsers and you have a choice. The choice you make might be based on this one piece of information: Microsoft IE is not a standards-based browser. Go ahead and search that phrase, to find the truth for yourself.

As much as Microsoft has created an industry that provides some modicum of revenue for my business needs, I have to bite the hand that feeds me here. Long ago, I began recommending Google Chrome, as a better browser. Many of my new clients still use IE and suffer the pains of some of the “features” that come with that software. Alright, I’ll admit it, I still use IE; mainly because some websites have been tweaked to work with it. But that is the point I make here; why should a website creator have to tweak his website to comply with Microsoft’s lack of compliance with web standards? Does that sound silly to you?

That’s all I’m going to say, except to suggest this: Google this phrase… “CSS the missing manual IE=Edge” and read that page. It clearly explains the conundrum of coding needed to make Microsoft IE8 play nice with web pages. OK, I’m done.


  1. This, Brian, is a good example for me. Thanks, Harry