Blogging Platform Choices

Are you already using Google for email or other services? If so, Blogger is the natural choice for you. You’ll be able to easily set up your account using your exising Gmail or Google Apps login credentials. Bottom line, you won’t have to set up a new account for your new blogging activity.

WordPress has a huge footprint in the industry, but a new blogger would likely find some frustration in learning the interface. Again, like other full-featured blog sites, WordPress has so much to offer, which translates to so much for the beginner to learn.

There are a few other sites you might visit before you make a choice. Blogster, for instance, appears to be more like a blogging community. Tumblr also offers content choices that are interesting, but if you are mostly interested in writing and posting text entries, it might be a bit much for your needs.

Lastly, LiveJournal is something I remember thinking about many years ago – so long ago, in fact, that I cannot remember my user name or the email account I used to sign up for the service. Looking at the site, I can see why I didn’t get into it. It seems a little hectic, disorganized and unmanageable. Maybe it’s just me, but I also found some of the content there to be strange, along with a number of outdated blogs, which means I’m not the only one who began and abadoned efforts here.

Below you’ll find a couple of links I used while writing this article. By the way, I’ll use “article” and “blog post” interchangably in my writing. But mostly, I’ll say article, because I like the idea of articles in magazines or newspapers and I like the sound of that word better than “blog post.”