Once a Day, Whether You Like It or Not T

Once a Day, Whether You Like It or Not Today, I had the pleasure of showing Facebook to a room filled with 25+ people. They in turn enjoyed the presence of a young person (not me) who was able to answer a few questions that I could not immediately answer. This proves my theory that we really need young people who know computers to work with Generation Awesome and Baby Boomers, to tutor them on the use of social media. More on that later, as I’ll expand on my want for more people with so much diverse experience to become bloggers. For now, I’ll count today as a success. If only half the people in my class have a better understanding of how to get started with Facebook and the value of using this service, there are at least a dozen new Fb users with a new appreciation of this communications platform. Given that I cannot sleep with a mosquito in the room, I am running on fumes right now. So, off to bed, earlier than usual and I look forward to another day. Good night, dear readers. We’ll do better tomorrow. Brian Rouley http://ow.ly/ay6j6