Necessary Changes

This is tough. I’ve moved things around to accommodate my business, but I do not like having to admit to the need. My current hosting company, who will go nameless in this post, may be losing my business. This is due primarily to two facts. The first is lack of stellar customer service. The second is that my website has recently been infected by a virus.

Often, my clients ask me how they might have gotten a virus. Almost always, I give them an answer that accurately conveys the fact that I simply cannot know how these things happen. You can get a virus through one of many processes. These include going to a website that infects your computer, opening an attachment that infects your computer, or simply engaging in activities that involve downloading software from unknown sources. Note that the first one is what might have happened if you landed on my website while that virus was still active there. This is intolerable and a cause of concern and consternation for me!

So, there it is. Somehow, my website (at my hosting company) became infected. I am still cleaning up the debris left behind by that unfortunate event. I’ve also moved my site’s content to another hosting service. I’m working on revamping the entire site, to accurately represent the growth of my service offerings, which now include SEO services. I’ll keep you posted as I progress through this ordeal.

Thanks for listening.

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