Descriptive Length

This is in answer to the question:
How Long Should Your Business Description Be in the Google Places for Business Dashboard?

So the recommended length? You should use just enough words needed to describe what you do in a compelling way. OK, the REAL answer is 4491 characters, according the site from that first link.

Like this: At Palm Desert SEO, provided by Mousehelp at Rouzell, we provide SEO services to help your website be found by people searching for your service or product.

Add images, to augment the impact. cropped-MouseHelp-BC-Front-1-e1414100729709[1]

Shortly after getting started with SEO, this question comes up. It is second to: How long should my title tag be for the best search results?

So, I’ll add another post about that topic.

Keeping these posts brief is also part of the plan!


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