New Challenges, New Skills part 3

OK, here is the end of the story.

So, we’ve downloaded our Fb history to a zip file on our computer. We’ve extracted the text from that file and have done all the find and replace functions to get each record on one line in Excel, with each record having an individual time and date stamp. That took some work, since there were three components to the original download text and we had to do a couple of passes, employing delimiter creation for the purpose of separating text to columns. All of this took just a bit of trial and error, but we got it done in part 2 of this story.

Finally, today, the original goal of reversing the chronological order was achieved by simply numbering the lines (or rows, in Excel), then using that series of numbers to do the sorting. Since Facebook lists your most recent activity and status reports at the top of the timeline, if someone wants to see that same story starting from the beginning of time, this work had to be done.

This is the end of this tale. Thanks to Mardi Boettcher for posing the problem. It was definitely a worthwhile challenge and I learned a few things along the way.