Database – the behind the scenes power of many things

Tonight, 60 Minutes was profiling Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, by interviewing the key players. You know their names; Sergei, Mark, Bill – and, I have it paused while I’m writing this. I’ll get through the rest of it in just a few minutes. Actually, I came in in the middle, so I don’t know if I missed some interview with Larry. 

You know, the Oracle guy. He’s worth a ton of money, too, but databases are just not as sexy as all of the “front end” stuff that meets your eyes on the web pages. By comparison, databases are pretty boring stuff. But, without them, there would be a whole lot of things just not working in today’s data driven world.

Many times, I’ve found myself wishing I had become a database expert. If I had, I would probably always have work. Like accountants, somebody has to manage the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. You are not going to get much in the way of entertainment, if you interview the accountant or the database administrator for Google, Facebook, or Microsoft. 

Given that I don’t know the point I’m hoping to make with all of this, I’m going to just let it go. Currently, I have a challenge that involves the database that drives an accounting system for one of my clients. I’m sure that’s why I brought this up for review in this article. I’m more of a “front end” specialist. My work is done with the software that creates the presentation you can see, right in front of you!