Proper Citation, Shows You Care

This morning, there was a message in my inbox from a “local SEO guy” and until I read through to the bottom line, it seemed the content was the work of the sender.
This was not so. The content had been lifted from the page properly cited below. Man, that just seems a little sneaky, slimy to me!

Questions raised by using someone else’s work are something I hope to avoid. Without exception, my blogs are filled with original material, unless I quote someone and then I always try to properly cite the source. Heck, I’ve even written and railed about the need for originality – probably after receiving the same material in three different email messages on the same day!

But, enough about me and my want for others to be creative….

Share the good stuff, yes. And, give me links to the original work, so I can do my own research.
Just be sure to say so up front, so questions won’t be raised about your intentions, your character, etc.

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BY  | October 29, 2013

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