Credit Card Fraud – Target

Image from FOX31 Denver News Source

How many blog posts start with the words, “By now you’ve heard…”?

It looks like at least one of my accounts has become a target for fraudulent charges. The sinking feeling I have is not for the potential loss of less than twenty dollars for the two charges, but for the loss of time involved in phone calls and other activities I’ll have to suffer through with my bank or banks to clear up this malady. In my business, every hour spent chasing down demons feels like another hundred dollars into the fire. I don’t even get to enjoy the heat.

While I cannot pin this down to the recent hacker activity at Target, I did a search for “CEWCS fraud” to find the entity trying to bill me for $9.84, twice in one account, on Christmas Eve, no less! I found another blogger had posted exactly that same name and transaction amount billed to a card he was sure he had used at the store. That is one long way of saying there are probably many people who will find similar charges on their accounts.

This writer has never been in the “misery loves company” camp. No tidings of comfort and joy are in the holiday season regarding this unpleasant event. There will be no rest, no merry, and no gentlemen are involved with this lump of coal! Makes me wish I could join up with CERT, to see if this was an inside job.

Bah, humbug, indeed! Cyber Security, will it prevail?

Check your accounts. Only vigilance will save your money. Your time, however, will be spent.