Bug Killers

Here you go. So many things you need to kill bugs on your computer are here. Where, you say?

Bleepingcomputer dot com is one of the most complete repositories of information and software you’ll need to cure your malware woes. In the list of links available on this blog, you’ll find one called, “ADW.” Clicking that will probably open a page warning you that I’m about to take you to bleepingcomputer – and if you give the “go ahead”, your browser will start the download for adwcleaner, one of a handful of tools I routinely use to clear out the nasty stuff that gets installed on computers. When you land on that site, get these things: ADWCLEANER, RKILL, Combofix, and TDSSKILLER.Bug Killers

Spend a bit of time on this website, (bleepgingcomputer.com) reading about the utilities and what each does. Soon, you’ll become your own malware removal expert.

I’m going to lose money if you read this and learn the lessons provided in this post. On the other hand, if you don’t want to do the cleaning yourself, call me and I’ll be the janitor for your computer. It’s often better that way.

Oh, by the way, that IS the Salton Sea in the background of that image.
You can get your very own copy from me….