Compassion – Care – People – Computers

This is the order of things in my tagline:
Compassionate Care for People with Computers”

So, let’s pick this apart according to Copyblogger’s article on
How to Create a Rock-Solid Tagline That Truly Works”,
which I found on Twitter this morning.howtorocksolid

Step One – Your True Mission

Yes, my mission is to be compassionate and care for people.
“Computers” comes last in my tagline, because, although they are the object of my expertise, no computer has ever expressed gratitude for my kind and caring nature.

Step Two – So What?

Yes, I think I have this! So, you probably need help. You, not a machine, you, a person, as in, personally.
Your computer may be failing, but your problem is a failing computer. So, I come to provide care for you – call it “pain relief” – which is what I like to use to emphasize the point that I’m making people feel better, by reducing stress levels, removing the headache of technical issues, call it what you like.

Step Three – A Little Pizzaz

Uh, oh, there’s no pizzaz in my tagline. There’s leftover pizzaz in my fridge, though. I’m really not sure what I could do with my tagline to “juice it up”, or if I really want to make changes. Because it took some time and critical thinking to answer the question: “What makes your service different and better than anybody else who provides the same service?” Thanks to the good people at the Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center, I was asked this question while writing my business plan.

Maybe you can help me with some feedback here. Mousehelp at Rouzell is my email address.
Or, you can search for – “Compassionate Care for People with Computers and find me at the top – SEO skills and all!