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You’ll find:
About 4,520,000 results (0.17 seconds) – if you search that “keyword density” term with Google.

You will also find so many sites that will “help you” to calculate things about your keywords. I’ll apologize up front here about the number of times you may see the word “key” here in this post… The key thing to remember, in my opinion, is that “keywords” as one aspect (and all the variations that go with that term), is just one of many factors taken into account by the engines when they crawl/index the pages on your site. It’s tough to talk about this without losing track of what it is; plural, singular, its importance to SEO, where it fits into the scheme of getting attention on your site, and where and how we should or should not over or under use this one thing to judge how things are going!

Having said that, if you work through some of the results you find, you may stumble upon a video, starring Matt Cutts, wherein, at about 2:28 on the timer, he says:
“So I would love it if people could stop obsessing about keyword density.”

There. I’ve said it.

Sure, you’re still going to want to put in those words and key phrases that clearly describe and define what is on your site. That’s how the search engines figure it out, so it must be done. But, what Matt says is; do it in a way that makes sense to a reader. See the next paragraph for example:

Mousehelp is my d.b.a., and is simply a better name for a computer support company than my corporate name, which is Rouzell Enterprises, Inc. However, I want both of those names to be found if you search the term; “Palm Desert Computer Support“, because I have multiple websites and blogs related to computer stuff under both names. The key to helping search engine understand that what I do is computer support, website maintenance, SEO services, and just about anything related to communications, is to provide links to appropriate pages from this article. So when the spiders do their crawl, they will associate those terms with my pages.

That’s SEO in a nutshell, which you can also search. seo-in-a-nutshell[1]
Or, click the image on this page and I’ll take you to someone else’s description of similar things!

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