Two Things You Can Do To Keep Your Computer Clean

CCandADWAlmost every time I work on a computer, I’ll use Ccleaner and AdwCleaner.

These are free utilities, downloadable from Filehippo and Bleepingcomputer, respectively.
Watch carefully when you search, and if you see the word Conduit anywhere on your computer, you probably have fallen victim to adware.
Your searches are taking you to sites that may not be best for you and your browser may be taking you to websites you should not visit.
I’m going to put myself out of business telling you this for free, but this is what’s on my mind.
On the other hand, think of it as one of the rewards that come from following this blog.

If you need help with your computer, or feel that tune-ups and malware removal should be left to an expert, you are welcome to contact me via my website at – and, thank you!