Simple Search Stuff – Google

numberoneongoogleHow can I get to be number one on Google? That’s a much better search term than Best SEO in Palm Desert. Why? Because if you don’t know what SEO is, how will you know to use that term in your search.

Presumption is a major impediment to progress when thinking about how people are going to find links with search. I’m guilty.
So, now, let’s make changes! Yes.

Even the search term, “what is SEO“, is pretty good. My explanation may be the best you’ll ever read and the easiest to understand, but if you don’t find a link to my page when you search for that answer, I’m nobody! I’m a speech without a voice, a puppet without strings, a dummy who is truly dumb.

So, we retool, rethink, re-imagine what we’re supposed to be doing here and then we look for a way to make more money when we demonstrate our success. That seems fair.

I’m done for now. Preparing to take a call on a new website design project for a client; I’ll ponder this further and post updates as I make progress.