Another Stellar Sunrise Marketing Meeting at SCORE

Sunrise Business Mastermind Presented by SCORE Coachella Valley

That’s the full title of the meeting. They send you email under that heading and invite all local businesses to attend. If you want to meet with people who are into digital marketing, in every flavor, come on in and get some!

For lack of anything more useful to share, I’m just going to thank my “partners” in this little venture.

They are, in no particular order:

Jeff Harrison and Amy Anderson of SwingPointMedia and MyCityBusinessReview.

Andrew McCauley – who goes by, “The Social Media Bloke”, and has a business named AutoPilotYourBusiness.

And, Meilani MacDonald of “Meilani MacDonald – Brand Identity and Outreach Strategy” – she has a group called Meilani’s Blooming Business Club and uses Google Hangouts to conduct business. So, while she was not physically at the meeting, she was in attendance via the magic of technology, on screen in a Google Hangout.

Also, special thanks to Larry Goldberg, my invited guest, who shared some of his knowledge as a mobile apps developer, when those questions arose.

It was all good and here images linked to partner’s websites, for your surfing pleasure. Enjoy!