expensive-bill-28411176[1]That is the word used by some people to describe the cost of support. One question to consider on the opposite side of the argument is this: “What is the cost of having a computer that does not work, or one you do not know how to use?” The answer to that question is the answer to what it is worth to you to own and operate a computer. My opinion is that the answer is an unknown figure.

If you have the cheapest computer ever purchased by a consumer and you cannot use it, the cost is extreme. If you have the most expensive computer ever purchased and you cannot use it, the price is very nearly the same. It matters very little, the cost of the hardware. What matters most is what it does for you.

Support, the help you get from a professional computer consultant, has a price. Whatever that cost is, it is almost impossible to compare it to the expense of owning computing power you cannot use. Logically, you would simply add the price of the computer to the price you have paid for support and that is the price of using a computer. However, the price of a computer you cannot use is nearly infinite, or it is fixed, depending on your perspective. Let’s put some numbers to this idea and see what happens.

We choose a round number, like $1000. If you paid a thousand dollars for your computer and you are unable to use it, you have thrown away $1000. If you paid that price for your computer and you also pay another two or three hundred dollars for the lessons you need to know how to make use of your new computer, you now have invested $1200-$1300 in something that will provide years of service, allowing you to communicate with people in every corner of the world.

So, you tell me. Which thing was more expensive; the computer you could not use, or the one that provides access to global communications? I’m guessing you’ll agree with me on this one. You either have a $1000 paperweight, or you have something that will give you years of service, opening up your experience to everything available on the Internet.

I’m done. It’s late. I don’t know the expense of continuing to expound upon these ideas. Hopefully, you’ve found some value in this post.