Time Warner Outage

TWCTell me if you share this opinion. One thing worse than something that doesn’t work is something that works sometimes. This especially applies to your network connectivity, and specifically to your Internet access. A connection that sometimes works may allow you to get part of the way into creating an email or a blog post, before cutting you off mid-sentence and jettisoning your latest opus into the ether space, never to be seen or heard by anyone in that very dark and quiet place.

Time Warner Cable (TWC) is one of the big players in the “Desert Cities”, which is how they refer to our little valley – Coachella Valley. Verizon is the other choice you have, unless you are fortunate enough to be in range of Pacific LightWave – but, that’s a whole other story.

TWC is the focus of this post. They have a problem. You can search their website for any trace of explanation or status of this outage. If you find something, tell me.

It goes like this: Their combination cable modem/router, which includes wireless services for residential customers, is an Arris Modem. If you call them to report that the wireless connection works intermittently, after you jump through all of the standard hoops to prove you are their customer, you may be instructed to reset the device. This restores the modem to factory defaults and effectively wipes out any customization that may have been done to create a more friendly SSID – friendlier than DG860AC2, anyway. Of course, the password to that ID is also set to some nebulous string of letters and numbers, with all letters in CAPS. This is an unfriendly result and results in non-resolution of the problem, as you now have a modem that has changed everything on your network, and you must now learn how to restore your connection to the wireless network, only to find that Internet service is still intermittent.

Save yourself the trouble. Unplug your modem and go to the nearest store and swap it for something else. Or, scream and cry on the phone, until they agree to send out a tech, with a replacement modem. Oh, and you may need to go purchase your own WiFi router, so you can take control of the network in your home.