Keyboard Komando

Kim Komando Rocks! Seriously, she must be raking in the bucks. If you had a million subscribers paying you four or five bucks a month for newsletter feeds, how would you be doing? Pretty well, I imagine.

So, it’s hard to find fault. But, if you know me at all, you know I might have a different idea on how to do things. Such is the case with this video from KK, where she narrates as someone shows you how to press keys on a keyboard. The problem is, whoever is pressing those keys is using two hands to do it! That’s just strange, to me. I’m going to have to record my own video, to show you how it should be done, with one hand in most cases.

Yes, it’s a small point. I know. But, still, if you can get something done with your left hand only, there is a level of efficiency there that is lost if you use two hands. Not so long ago, I wrote an article titled, “Left Handed Computing”, where I pointed out that there are many things you can accomplish with one hand, if you know the secrets. It turns out, I’ve been doing so many of these things for so long, that I have to slow down when I’m working on someone’s computer, to remember to show them what I’m doing and why I’m getting things done so quickly. Your left thumb and your left pinky finger pack a whole lot of punch, if you know how to use them just the right way!

Here, try these: Put your left thumb on the Windows Key (that’s the one between Ctrl and Alt, to the left of the spacebar) and  use your middle finger to type the letter, “D” and see what happens. Whoa! Where did everything go? Do the same thing with Windows and type the letter, “E” this time. There you have windows explorer showing you what’s on your computer. Now, try Windows-R and see what you get. Well, there you have to type something to get something done.

Here’s one that does require two hands – then we’re done – at the top right of your keyboard, if you have a Pause/Break key, find it. Then hold down the Windows key with one hand and type the Pause/Break key with the other hand. See what happens? Not all keyboards have a Pause/Break key and some laptops have one or the other as a function key or something else, so don’t be too disappointed if you cannot do this.

That’s all I’m going to say in this round. I’m going to go find that “Left Handed Computing” article and repurpose it for my blog. I may even record a video to show you how to use these keyboard shortcuts with one hand. In the meantime, here is a link to the article by Kim Komando.