The People You Meet

This might be one of those that belongs on my personal blog, at – sometimes, it’s difficult to separate the two.

That said, I’ll press on.

Potential-2[1]Sometimes, you meet people who have the right idea and perhaps the right spirit for the message or the mission they espouse, or embody (I’m not sure which is the better expression here). And, in spite of what you think of their potential, their potential impact, their market potential, or whatever it is that you think they should be able to accomplish, there’s just some unfathomable thing that you know is holding them back. If only you could be the hero that clears that logjam, you know in your heart of hearts that the floodgates would open and great goodness would pour forth upon the world.

There have a been a few of these recently and I’m not going to name names here. I’m just putting this message out there as an invitation to my audience to send comments. Tell me if you have had this experience and if you’ve found some way to do what it takes to free up anyone to fully express their potential, I’d sure like to hear about it.