Google Rules

Finally, something a bit more useful from Kim Komando! She sends email to millions, so I should defer, but I don’t. Also, I nearly cried while listening to one of her on-air calls.

In one of her latest messages, she sends a link to the Google Chrome blog:

Clean up your hijacked settings

In it, you’ll find details on how Google provides a one-click “reset” feature. Use it to set your setting back to defaults, if you should find some added toolbar or other software installed on your computer. You get this stuff when things are updated, or when you download that “free” utility or viewer, and it is laden with other junk-ware that gets installed with it. We can go on about how many things are not free, but that opens up a whole other conversation about the time you spend updating these free things. If your time is worth anything at all, nothing is free.

Let me just mention this one thing before I go – Ninite. Search it out, and you’ll find one of the best things that has ever been shared with me – the facility to allow you to install and update all kinds of free stuff with the click of one link downloaded to your computer. You can read the details on their page in about two minutes, and you might forever change how you deal with the need to update things.  Specifically, I will not update JAVA through any other means, likewise, Adobe Reader and a few other things are just so much better, when updated using this tool.