Avoiding Scams

Talk to someone you trust. MouseHelp_BC_300If you get a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft (or “Windows”), ask yourself one question: “What is the likelihood of Microsoft ever calling you for any reason?” Then call someone you trust to check your computer for malware. The image below is from Malwarebytes.org, where they’ve posted several articles that do a much better job of illustrating my point. This one is really good!

If you’d like to do the research yourself, here are links to pages from Microsoft, the FTC, and the Better Business Bureau. Each will tell you this is a scam.

Orange Man Telemarketing or Phone Support

The bottom line is this; nobody will call you from Microsoft, or from “Windows”, to help you with your computer. They want your money and they want you to give them access to your computer, so they can install their malware on it, which will allow them to further extort money from you.

You’ve heard it said before; “Just say no!” Save yourself the grief, the money, the aggravation, and the potential for digital disaster. Call me and I’ll help you by cleaning up your computer and by providing a bit of training, so you can keep it clean yourself.