IE Exploit and Windows XP

Here’s my grateful shout out to Dominique Fruchtman, of Desert Cow Computers, for alerting me to this new exploit!

Take your pick of sources on this report. It is, as the title suggests, a major security hole in Microsoft’s web browser, made worse by their discontinuing support for XP.exploit IE

So long ago, I wrote an article where I recommend a simple solution: Stop using IE. Standards based browsers (Chrome or Firefox) are simply better for users and programmers. Recently one of my clients showed me an online application they use that will not run in other browsers. This application will only run in IE 10, with compatibility enabled! Why anyone would program anything to run with IE in the first place is a mystery to me.

Back to the subject problem…. Using IE on Windows XP is not enough to cause you to get infected or hacked; you have to actually go to a website that hosts the malicious code, or open an email attachment or link that produces the same result. The problem is; you won’t know something is wrong until it’s too late! The same rules apply as always, don’t talk to strangers, know who sends you email, and watch for obvious signs of spam and scam email messages. Here’s something I wrote four years ago now, about how easy it is to get a virus. A brief update to that piece would be; don’t allow anyone from “Windows Support” to remotely access your computer.

One last word: You really should be leaving XP and moving on to Windows 7 (or 8, if you must), so you can get Windows Updates from Microsoft. The majority of their updates are created to plug security holes. Without their updates, you are left to wonder and worry about the vulnerability of your computer. Also, switch to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, avoid IE as a rule.

Call your local computer support professional and upgrade to a new computer.

OK, seriously, the last word: Here’s a link to a cheeky article from the register, with a catchy title and a dire warning.