Content Creation Tools

This article details the virtues of a few tools I often use and the content I create with these tools.  **Now that I’ve written this very long post, I realize I’ve left out WordPress – the ultimate tool for content creation! **

Each image below links to something useful – so click away and enjoy!

Here, in no particular order, are the tools:

IrfanView main website

IrfanView – A Basic Image Editor

IrfanView is a very useful image editing tool. If you don’t have the time or patience to learn something more powerful, like Adobe Photoshop, this might be your best alternative. I’ve recorded a video on how to use this tool. I’m going to record a new version and record another video to show you where to go to get this great piece of software. Hint: Ninite is the ultimate collection of free stuff and it is the one resource I use for such things.

Mousehelp At Rouzell on YouTube

My Channel on YouTube

OK, you probably don’t need me to tell you how great YouTube, or any other Google service is, so I won’t do that here. For me, it is still a new frontier, as I still like writing and don’t record new videos as often as I should. Maybe I need to add this to my calendar as a recurring task – yeah, I’ll do that next! Watch my channel for updates, please. Thanks, again to Laura Roeder, for telling me how to record to YouTube, using my Webcam and Google plus.

HTML-Kit Tools

The full version of HTML-Kit Tools is $59.00.

There must be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ways to edit websites. I’ve settled on this one. Again, a comparison to an Adobe product – DreamWeaver – is appropriate here. If you need a lightweight, easy to understand, Internet connected website editing tool, this might be the one for you, too. You can use their free version, or purchase the full version for fifty-nine bucks. You can get a reduced price, if you cannot afford the cost. Their support site is kind of quirky (matches my needs) and I’ve just found their blog while creating this post! You are welcome to spout off with what you think is the best HTML editing software.

Mousehelp at Rouzell YouTube Video on Snipping Tool

Click to watch my YouTube Video on Snipping Tool

Here we go…. Everyone (well, many people, at least) who uses snipping tool learns to love it. There are other utilities you can get that have more features – SnagIt comes to mind – but for something that is free and has been built into Windows since Vista, this little tool is hard to beat. If you used it for nothing other than capturing images, it would be useful. But, it offers some features that make it much more than basic. You can highlight, annotate, and play with colors, framing, etc. The did leave out something simple, though. It would have been nice to have a typewriter tool, with font styling, so you could write directly on the images, but alas, it is not so. Free, it is, however!