Why Blogging Works


As a result of a recent blog, I was contacted by an old friend I have not seen in over a decade.

Interestingly, when you posed your question about how to engage people in conversation and truly show genuine interest, it reminded me of a section of my forthcoming book where I actually address this topic. (see more on that below). To me, the secret sauce for successfully connecting with others begins with simply being Curious. Teach your team to ask questions and then follow up with them. – See more at: http://www.davidbradford.com/the-world-class-communicators-greatest-gift-curiosity/#sthash.NQ9MsCld.dpuf

My contention is simple. When you blog, you provide an opportunity to connect. The example above made me realize (again) the value of blogging and I wanted to share this post with you. So, enjoy!