Basic Computer Skills – Image Transfer

copy to cameradownloadTransferring photos from your camera or phone to your computer.

Introduction –

1) Advance planning – make a folder to receive the images
– name it CameraDownload, or whatever you like.

Windows-E – hold down your windows key and type the letter, “e” on your keyboard.
Find your Pictures directory, open it, and make a new folder inside of it. In the video, I show how to do this with a right click on your mouse.

2) Plug in your device – camera or phone – with a USB cable.
Adjust to turn on the device – camera or smartphone – on my phone, I had to change the USB settings from charging to file transfer!

If you still have your pictures directory open, click on “This PC” or “My Computer.”
Where it lists the C drive and other drives on your PC, you should see the name of your camera or smartphone there.

3) Find your device on your computer and open the DCIM folder.

4) Change the view, so you can see the images.
Right click the mouse on the left edge of the window and choose, “large icons.”

5) Select and drag images to the folder you made in step 1, above.
Click on the first image you want to copy and use either shift or CTRL on your keyboard to select a range or multiple images.
Use the left mouse button – click down and drag your images to the target directory. Yes, there are other methods you may use to accomplish this task.

For now, print these instructions and use the link below to watch the video on my YouTube channel…. – “Compassionate care for people with computers.” – links – choose YouTube Channel