Shark Tank

This morning, at my DNP meeting, my commercial included a bit about what I saw yesterday, on Sharks. shark-chars-no-gradients[1]Two women reported having sold around two million dollars worth of product without spending any money on marketing. They used Facebook, blogging and Pinterest, and that’s all! There may be no better testimonial for Social Networking.
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PetsNTheirPeople and SaveAPet

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On SEO and Blogging

Search results for “the essentials of seo

Essentials of SEO

Cleverstat Tutorial

Some Stuff from Hubspot

A Sampling of the Sexiest Business Blogs on the Internet

And one of their clients:
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CopyBlogger – Brian Clark

report about length and depth of content posted on mashable


Status, Pending

dashboard short urlYour pending custom short domain is:

To enable this custom short domain, you need to configure domain name service (DNS) settings for your domain.

Setting up your DNS

  • Set the DNS A record for to point to

Oooh, I can barely wait!

Product Name Status PENDING


Based on one little article about shortened URL’s I took the leap and got one for my name.

As soon as it’s ready, I’ll have more work to do and I paid for the privilege!
Why do I DO this? I MUST be a geek.

How do I get to number one on Google?

Ask the Best SEO in Palm Desert.

Compassion – Care – People – Computers

This is the order of things in my tagline:
Compassionate Care for People with Computers”

So, let’s pick this apart according to Copyblogger’s article on
How to Create a Rock-Solid Tagline That Truly Works”,
which I found on Twitter this morning.howtorocksolid

Step One – Your True Mission

Yes, my mission is to be compassionate and care for people.
“Computers” comes last in my tagline, because, although they are the object of my expertise, no computer has ever expressed gratitude for my kind and caring nature.

Step Two – So What?

Yes, I think I have this! So, you probably need help. You, not a machine, you, a person, as in, personally.
Your computer may be failing, but your problem is a failing computer. So, I come to provide care for you – call it “pain relief” – which is what I like to use to emphasize the point that I’m making people feel better, by reducing stress levels, removing the headache of technical issues, call it what you like.

Step Three – A Little Pizzaz

Uh, oh, there’s no pizzaz in my tagline. There’s leftover pizzaz in my fridge, though. I’m really not sure what I could do with my tagline to “juice it up”, or if I really want to make changes. Because it took some time and critical thinking to answer the question: “What makes your service different and better than anybody else who provides the same service?” Thanks to the good people at the Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center, I was asked this question while writing my business plan.

Maybe you can help me with some feedback here. Mousehelp at Rouzell is my email address.
Or, you can search for – “Compassionate Care for People with Computers and find me at the top – SEO skills and all!




Compassionate Care, Indeed!

MouseHelp_BC_300It must have been that tagline; “Compassionate care for people with computers.”; that attracted this scam email message sender to my business.
Here’s something I found on Yahoo! Answers about this:

Truth, Knowledge, Power – Past, Present, and Future

Image from Personal Branding
The Past:

Stagnant Truth

“Do not mistake acquirement of mere knowledge for power. Like food, these things must be digested and assimilated to become life or force. Learning is not wisdom; knowledge is not necessarily vital energy. more…. (will take you to my personal blog, for the rest of this sentiment.)
–J. E. Dinger (Lyte, Clyde Francis., ed. Leaves of Gold. Coslett Publishing, 1948. pg 59)

The Present:

With nearly 30 years of experience helping people with computers, I still cannot tell you how you got that virus. Wisdom is the ability to inject humor into the situation with: “I would have had to have been watching your every move, to know what you did to get that bug.”

The Future:

There are tools I may have to learn, if I am to become part of the force that would protect us from cyber threats.
Found that while looking for a job with FireEye – a company based in Milpitas, CA.

Computer Viruses – How to Get One


Image source:

Here is an article I wrote back in April of 2010 – edited for brevity.

Computer Viruses – How to Get One

(Nastiness Delivered Via Internet and Email)

Here are the steps to making sure you have a virus:

  • You click a link to some unknown website.
  • Your computer reports some sort of “malware”.
  • You panic and click the “Please Save Me” button on the page.
  • After all, they did offer to disinfect your computer.
  • Now you have the virus for sure – ouch!
  • Did you just give them your credit card number?
  • Panic has now become extreme panic.

You should call your bank to alert them that someone in the wild world of cyberspace now has your credit card information (if you did fall for that trick). Chances are; your bank won’t ask you if you would like a new card. They will simply tell you; “We are cancelling your credit card and we will be sending a new one to you.” Of course, they’ll put you through the usual drill to ascertain your identity.

That is just one of many scenarios illustrating how easy it is to contract a computer virus. Clicking on “some unknown website” is something many people do quite often through normal searching activity. Another way you can get one is by opening email from an unknown sender. Expanding on that topic could fill an entire page of instructions on how to manage email, so we’ll simply discuss a few senders to avoid.

You will not receive email from the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL, or any other package carrier. They just don’t send email to customers out of the blue. So, please do not open email from any sender that says your package was not delivered. It simply is not true. There was no package, the delivery service did not send the email. You should delete it, or add the sender to your blocked senders, or do both. If you do open one of these messages, you are inviting a virus into your computer. Dire consequences include a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, anger, and anguish brought on by knowing you just did something you should not have done.

Likewise, unless you have subscribed to online notification from your financial institution, you will not receive email from your bank. The bad guys have become quite skilled at representing well known banks in a way that looks very official. The email looks like it came from a bank, and usually the message says something to raise concern, like your account status is in question. But don’t be fooled. Do not open that email. If you are truly concerned, you can pull out a bank statement, find the customer service number and call your bank directly to discuss the issue. Or, you can simply delete the email, or add the sender to your blocked senders or do both.

To review:

  • If you get to a website that reports your computer has a virus, close that web page.
  • If you get an email from some delivery service reporting non-delivery, do not open that email.
  • Email messages from financial services providers should only be opened if you have subscribed to their notification service.

Your security software cannot prevent you from going to a website that may download malware to your computer.
It cannot prevent you from opening an email message that contains a virus payload.

This is your responsibility. This is the portent of this article. You must arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to prevent you from inadvertently introducing the nasty stuff to your computer in the first place.

Do you think you have a virus? Do you need help with malware removal?
Contact me at and I’ll be there to help you.


Branding ScreenMobile

Today, I posted this on Facebook.

“New project: Make the brand, “ScreenMobile” synonymous with “screen repair“. In the same way we say Kleenex and it means tissue, I want people to know that if they need any window screen repaired, or any custom screen installation done at home, there’s only one name you need to know; ScreenMobile. Marketing gurus, chime in!

This post is a continuation of that premise.

So, you have to ask, how did Kleenex come to mean tissue? Ask someone for a Kleenex, and you will get some kind of a tissue, made by any number of makers. The point is, the name and the brand is synonymous with the product. The chances are pretty good that you are going to buy Kleenex brand tissues, simply because you know that’s what you want. They are one in the same.

Furthermore, I want a search for the term retractable screen door to return a link to ScreenMobile’s website on the product page that discusses that particular product.

I’m starting this project on 10/15/2013. Let’s see how long it takes for ScreenMobile to dominate the search results for screen repair and retractable screen door.

Posting here should share this to Fb, Tw, and G+