Wouldn’t It Be Nice

SM stuffIf you had a simple, “add my social media sites” button you could use whenever some new website asks you for these details, would it save you some time?

I’m working on it!


Being Mobile Friendly Pays Off

“Being friendly pays off”, is the last phrase in this article. It’s always interesting to read well-written articles by astute consultants who work in the field of search marketing. This guy hits it out of the park with his penultimate and final paragraphs. You have to write for people, give them the information they seek, and make it available to them on their mobile devices.

From the moment I heard the term, responsive, mobile-friendly sites became a new paradigm for me. Fortunate we are that there are so many ways to achieve this simple goal. WordPress themes make it easy. Bootstrap makes it easy. Need I go on?

Google makes changes. Some people cringe. People who still practice “the dead art of” SEO shudder. Not me – I’ve been mobile-friendly for some time now. And, I do spend some time checking in with Google’s webmaster tools, to make sure my sites conform with Google’s guidelines for what serves their search engines well. That’s right, I often do take a look at what’s new with Google and I follow some key people who will tell me exactly what I need to know to keep up with those changes. This is as easy as following instructions.

It may be too late to say, “before I sound like I am pontificating here…” but, seriously, if I want people to believe in my skills as a provider of SEO, then I had better rank pretty well in search results for terms like: “Palm Desert SEO Expert” or “Coachella Valley SEO Expert” – go ahead, click the links. I could have had you land on my page, but I linked to the results, instead. As long as I dominate search results for those terms, I can confidently say, I’m your local SEO expert.