Dining For Desi

I attended a meeting this morning hosted by CVEP at the UCR Palm Desert Campus and I heard about this little girl. An announcement was made by the owner of Slice Pizza – they will donate 20% of all proceeds at their restaurants on the 19th of May. So, you have to eat…. make it pay off for a little girl and her family, they need your support.
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Trying Something New With YouTube

Laura Roeder (of LKR Social Media) says: “If you want an easy way to share a video message/instruction with your team or clients, go into youtube, record from webcam, mark as unlisted. Done and done!”

Let’s see. I need a shave and a haircut, but I’ve put on a nice shirt and… “Action!”

OK, it took a bit of poking around and verification of things before YouTube would work with me. Then, I was taken to Google+ Hangouts On Air, to record a session. I’m still not clear on how it will look here.
_____________Cut. _______ That’s a wrap! _______
You get to be the star and the director in this exercise.

Well! That turned out to be pretty easy. Now I see the need for lighting adjustments and setting the stage. Next time, I’ll do something useful with this and actually demonstrate some “how to” thing on my computer. That will require a bit more planning, prior to sharing my desktop! I just love that play button right on my nose!

Your Attention, Please!

Remember when that phrase (command, really) was something you might hear over a loudspeaker or a P. A. system? People would actually listen. The idea was simple. There must be some important thing about to be announced that might have to do with the crowd or with some individual in the crowd. But, surely, there was reason enough, from a self-preservation psychology, to at least pay attention long enough to decide if the message was important to you, personally. If that announcement had anything to do with ensuring your safety, it just made sense to listen and heed the advice.

These days, you have potentially billions of people shouting that same phrase. The big difference is, they are hoping everyone will listen. Social Media, websites, blogs, text messaging, even email is now broadcast with the hope of getting someone to pay attention – Your attention, PLEASE!
If you’ll only give them a moment of your time, they may be able to sell you something.

In some ways, this points out the value of membership. It also points out the problem with “free!” Anything that is free may also be of little or no value to you. Dare I say it? Yes, I do. You get what you pay for.

If you are paying for your membership in just about any group, you acknowledge that there is far more likely to be something of value for you in becoming and being a member. The logic is simple, but it bears mentioning here. So many of the “free” services that compete for our attention today are crowded places on the internet. Indeed, look at any internet based service that charges a fee and you’ll find the crowd thinner and far more focused on the communication available to the members.

Why discuss this? What is the meaning of it? As much as I hope to get some attention on what I’m saying here, I’m truly hoping that my next membership based site will hold so much ggs image
value for the members that it will become indispensable as a place for enjoying a meaningful experience, made possible by the highest quality content available on the web for the purpose it serves.

The idea itself is still in development and I’ll need a dedicated management team and many participants (and funding) to bring it to fruition. Those details are in the works. You’ll have to come back here for updates.

That’s all, for now.

Traditional Copywriting is the New SEO

hummingbirdThis is the essence of what’s new in SEO. Write compelling content and people will share it. That’s pretty much everything, except, you should still include links to relevant things in your text. So, if you’ve written several articles that provide further clarification of the topic at hand, (like, What is SEO) you should include links to those posts and pages. It just makes sense. Your readers benefit by easy access to more content, and search engines will still do what they’ve always done; associate those links with the topic and keywords in the phrase. That is how it works. It really hasn’t changed much.

As you know, I’ve been following this topic of SEO changes for some time and here is an article by a successful blogger that pretty much sums up what I am saying here. Brian Clark and people like him simply write good content about the world of blogging, SEO, Social Media, etc. And, people pay for that good advice. So, taking a cue from a professional blogger, it just kind of makes sense that I should chime in on the conversation.

SEO is not dead. It is constantly changing. If things did not change all the time with technology, life would be pretty boring, perhaps more stable.
Without constant change, a whole lot of people would be out of a job. If everyone stops searching, then SEO will surely die. Turn off the Internet, SEO dies. You get my point.

To illustrate, here is an article that’s a bit more current. It can be said in three words, “content is king!” That used to be a catch phrase when Yahoo! was new….
Today, it means something a little different. Engagement, online audience optimization, and authority are the buzzwords today. Produce and market good content for your readers and you win.

Another Stellar Sunrise Marketing Meeting at SCORE

Sunrise Business Mastermind Presented by SCORE Coachella Valley

That’s the full title of the meeting. They send you email under that heading and invite all local businesses to attend. If you want to meet with people who are into digital marketing, in every flavor, come on in and get some!

For lack of anything more useful to share, I’m just going to thank my “partners” in this little venture.

They are, in no particular order:

Jeff Harrison and Amy Anderson of SwingPointMedia and MyCityBusinessReview.

Andrew McCauley – who goes by, “The Social Media Bloke”, and has a business named AutoPilotYourBusiness.

And, Meilani MacDonald of “Meilani MacDonald – Brand Identity and Outreach Strategy” – she has a group called Meilani’s Blooming Business Club and uses Google Hangouts to conduct business. So, while she was not physically at the meeting, she was in attendance via the magic of technology, on screen in a Google Hangout.

Also, special thanks to Larry Goldberg, my invited guest, who shared some of his knowledge as a mobile apps developer, when those questions arose.

It was all good and here images linked to partner’s websites, for your surfing pleasure. Enjoy!




Status, Pending

dashboard short urlYour pending custom short domain is: brianl.ee.

To enable this custom short domain, you need to configure domain name service (DNS) settings for your domain.

Setting up your DNS

  • Set the DNS A record for brianl.ee to point to

Oooh, I can barely wait!

Product Name Status
brianl.ee PENDING


Based on one little article about shortened URL’s I took the leap and got one for my name.

As soon as it’s ready, I’ll have more work to do and I paid for the privilege!
Why do I DO this? I MUST be a geek.

How do I get to number one on Google?

Ask the Best SEO in Palm Desert.