Becoming An SEO Expert In Palm Desert

If you want to become known as the Palm Desert SEO Expert, all you have to do is create a blog, post once a day, or at least a couple of times per week, ensuring you include the search terms you expect people to use to find your blog or website, add keywords in your META data, and like magic, you will rise to the top of the heap and be found on the front page of Google. That sounds easy, right?

OK, I am often in the semi-facetious mode when I write things like that. The truth is, many people lack the time or talent to create a blog and write useful copy daily, or even weekly for that matter. It takes some fairly simple skills to create a blog, but it takes some serious dedication and a bit of writing talent to produce useful content to share with your audience. Then there’s all of that “behind the scenes” stuff, called META data.

Lest I leave out the rest of this story, you also have to promote your blog and/or your website, through every method available to you. Yes, you guessed it. That means Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and any other social networking resource where you can post content.

I almost forgot to mention two more rules. If you want to be found by someone searching for “Palm Desert SEO Expert”, be sure to include those words in your title (if possible) and definitely within the body of the content you are posting on your blog and your website.

You can also cheat a bit, with a paragraph like the one below. Here I simply paste from a stored text file a standard explanation of who I am and what I do. It makes perfect sense that if I expect you to take advice from me, you should know something about me and my business.

That’s the best advice I have for you in this SEO expert dissertation. One last thing, though: Do your best to post original content (for two reasons).

  1. your words and your sentence structure become your voice.
  2. if you have to use someone else’s content to make your point, maybe you are not the expert after all!


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