Update to Websites by Rouzell

It seems I’ll have to continually revise this page, updating it as often as necessary, to include more examples of my work:

The first link below is to the original list, created in 2012, and updated earlier this year.
The list of links under, “most recently,” includes sites I’ve created this year.

Here are some examples of my work:

More recently, I’ve created (or updated) these:
http://palmdesertseo.com/ – showcasing my Palm Desert SEO skills
http://meilanimacdonald.com/ – a complex website with many features, highlighting a branding service provider
http://ranchomiragehealthrehabilitation.com/ – a basic website for a rehab center in Rancho Mirage
http://ithasitsplace.com/ – a website created with and for a Professional Organizer in the valley.

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