When In Doubt, Reboot

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This might be the silliest thing I have to say, but I have to say it. If something stops working on your computer for no reason at all, you probably should reboot your computer. Restarting Windows computers does a “reset” of the system in a way that often restores full functionality. And, you’ll save yourself some level of angst, frustration, and potential wasted time, if you’ll just reboot and get back to work.

You can relieve yourself of that feeling of disgust for Microsoft by welcoming this opportunity to “take five” while your computer logs off, shuts down, and the system restarts. Seriously, don’t watch the computer reboot. As soon as you click, “Restart” – get up, think of some productive or more relaxing thing you can do for the next few minutes and go!

To try to put a positive spin on this situation, I offer this analogy. Suppose you stopped your car at some in and out kind of place, where you did not shut off the engine, because you are coming right back after doing what you are going to do. When you get back into your car, you find the engine still running, but your steering wheel won’t move, or you cannot depress the brake pedal, or you can’t move the gear selector into drive or reverse. Reflecting on the approach in paragraph two above, you take the Microsoft approach to resolution. You turn the key in the ignition to shut off your car, take a breather and a moment to relax, then  start the engine again, and all your controls are restored. Now you can steer, brake, and shift gears and drive away. This would be a minor miracle! Yes, we know it doesn’t work that way, because your car is not running Windows.

But Microsoft Windows very often does work this way. It is a mystery or a conundrum, but either way, you get to start using your computer again and get back to all of that “time saving work” you were doing before you were forced to take a break.

Learn this one lesson and you’ll spend less time with that sinking feeling, you’ll make fewer calls crying out for help, you’ll enjoy a few minutes of up time as you take a short walk and do something better than staring into the monitor, and you’ll probably reduce your blood pressure and the level of stress in your life. Thank you, Microsoft, for making all of this special time available to me.

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