Tech Support Purity

Dilution is the word that comes to mind when I think of all the things I’ve done with computers. A lifetime ago now, (well, over 17 years ago, anyway) I was working for Lockheed. There you were allowed to do only one thing at a time. You could dabble in other things, spend your own time learning new things, but whatever was your assignment, it was just the one thing. The last job I had at Lockheed was purely tech support.

This meant that the only thing I was to do, was to respond to anyone who called for help with his or her computer. There was enough to do that we had a team of four or five people, as we served all of the Palo Alto research center, where there were several buildings.

Why do I mention this and what does it have to do with dilution? It’s because there’s something very simple about having only one task. It may be boring, but it really makes you focus. And, at that time, I was not blogging, there was no Facebook or Twitter, and although I was working on web pages at the time, that was extra-curricular and something I did for my own edification.

Today, I do just about anything related to computers, networking, communications, websites, social media, blogging, and SEO. Since being involved in all of these things has been a way of life for so long, it brings up the question of how it would feel to experience the purity of doing one thing today. That mystery will remain, as I write this blog post, while considering the content of several websites, while thinking about fixing computers and wondering what is affecting the network for a couple of my clients. I’m sure I’ll post something on Facebook and Twitter (in fact, a link to this post will soon be there) and I’ll be working on a few websites later today.

This is how things are at the moment. I could lump all of that under “tech support”, I suppose. But far more purely, today, it is all about communications!

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Happy Friday to you.

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