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Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote nearly three years ago, now!

I was compelled to write this in answer to my own question….

Transferring files between computers is one of the most basic methods of information exchange.

In layman’s terms, it is how you get your data from one computer to another computer. The number of methods for doing this would be hard to define, so here we will look at three very common scenarios that generate the need for file transfer. As soon as you or your business has more than one computer, the need to share data between machines and users becomes obvious. Way back
before we had all of this networking technology, we had floppy disks. One person would create a file; a finished word processing document, for example, and having written that file to a floppy disk, he would walk over to his associate with disk in hand and complete the file transfer. This was known as (seriously, look it up) “sneakernet”.

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