Forbes Article Rewrite

Check this out – it was posted (albeit, on page 140 of the comments section) on
After reading the original post, I turned it around and looked at it from a positive point of view.
The original author liked it enough to say nice things and share it with her audience. Nice!
I think it’s interesting to note that I was surprised by how immediately available Cheryl Snapp Conner was for our “conversation” via the comments section on Forbes.
By that, I mean I had some ill-conceived notion that if you are publishing your work at some high level of success (as indicated by your position on Forbes), then you might be less likely to respond to a noise-maker like me. Such was not the case, obviously, and I now see the error of my assumption. I’m the one who needs to open his mind, allow comment, look for the opportunity to dialog with someone on any topic that piques my interest.
Lesson learned!