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Seems I’m not posting as consistently as I think I should be. Some of my business is “busy ness” brought on by self-inflicted…. Oh, never mind!

To resolve this issue, I’m going to start documenting problems I solve.

Like recently, a client came to me and said his Outlook had stopped working. So, I did the PST repair thing (twice, actually) and got things back to working order. This took a few hours, but that’s not the point.

The point is, there are some things about using Outlook that many people may not know. Like, the size of the database file REALLY DOES matter! In the case above, it was larger than 5 GB and Outlook (depending on version) sometimes starts to choke at around 2 GB.

All of this deserves an explanation. So, there is a reason to post.

Following that thought, I should post more often, every time an opportunity like this presents itself. You’ll have to come back for updates…. Including the one mentioned here.

Thanks for your patience and for following me.

Brian Rouley