Capacitor Pop and Yet Another Backup Article (YABA)

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A couple of days ago, I heard a capacitor pop. If you know what that is, you probably know what it means. If you don’t, I’ll tell you here.

It means some part of the electronics in the device that made that awful noise is now dead or malfunctioning at best. In my case, it meant that my video display adapter (which had been flaky for months) had now failed. Booting my computer would refresh the image just long enough for the whole thing to freeze up on me. Lovely!

So, after an appropriate grieving period, I simply resigned to the idea that I would have to use one of my other five computers as my primary. The unit that had failed was a refurbished PC from a couple of years ago and I simply had to let it go. If you are in tech support and share my sentiment on such things, you probably have the same ideas about diminishing returns. By that, I mean there is no way I can justify putting any time or money into an old computer, so it will now be spare parts for somebody.

Which leads us directly to the second part of the subject at hand – backup. I did not backup the data on this computer and I don’t feel the least bit anxious about that. Two reasons, one is I use DropBox for all of my important stuff and the other is that the drive did not fail, so it will be almost painless to go harvest the data from that drive. Also, the system was built on a solid state drive, so after I do pull the data, I’ll have a nice drive to use in the next system I build. That’s almost what you would call upside, except I still have that work to do!

My heart goes out to a recent client, who “pushed a few buttons and erased everything in my document” lost his book. He had been working on this opus for the last two or three years, with no backup, no DropBox, and no easy method of restoring his document.

This definitely illustrates what some might see as a deficiency in my service offering. So, I’m going to change things now. All of my clients will be offered the opportunity to work with me to institute some form of cloud storage or backup for their data. Seriously, my heart aches just thinking about someone losing his work that way.

As shown above, if your computer dies, you may be able to pull the data from your drive. But if you are not taking measures to protect your data, through version control and by using cloud based backup and storage, you are exposed to potential catastrophic data loss. Even us tech gurus are powerless to reverse errant keystrokes that erase a document’s contents. It’s just sad.

Communications on a Grand Stage

Today, I listened with interest to a friend on the radio. Dominique Fruchtman is one of the owners of Desert Cow Computers and she now has her own time slot on the radio, Saturdays, at noon, on 1450 AM.

So many things I write today are all about communications in its many forms. Radio takes us right back to “old school” where there is nothing to post, nothing to read, no time to contemplate a well crafted response. You simply listen to someone who knows what she’s talking about, you drink it in (or take notes while having lunch, as I did), then it’s over. There, you had an hour to hear someone answer questions on technology – everything from viruses to backup and minimum specs for your next new computer, was yours for just tuning in and paying attention. My advice, tune in again, next week!

I’ll be back for more. For now, let me just say, congratulations Dom! You knocked it out of the park with your first at bat. I’m happy to call you friend.

Backup Your Website

Doing a search on this blog for articles on backup, I found only five! I cannot think of another topic, aside from blogging and SEO, that I’ve covered more thoroughly. Thing is, all of my articles on backup have mostly to do with backing up your computer – your photos and documents are the invaluable data that you keep on these infernal machines. You can replace a computer on a whim, but if you don’t have a good backup of your personal stuff, you may suffer the pain of loss that comes with a computer or hard drive crash.

Enough about that and onto the subject at hand…. I did a backup of my website a few months ago, early in 2013. How fortunate for me, since my primary website – was hacked and malicious code was injected into many of the pages on that hosted website. For me, the solution was easy. Grab the copy of my backup, FTP it to a new hosting service, add a few updates (there were several, but they were also easy to find in backup copies of individual pages) and then, with just a little bit of DNS redirect magic, my website was up and running again on – my current favorite hosting service.

It occurs to me that this (backup, that is) is something I do almost without thinking about it. But now that I’ve had this experience, I will be devoting a bit more of my attention to being diligent with my efforts to preserve my web pages. There must be hundreds of pages by now, if we count each of the blog entries I’ve produced, so there is a volume of work to be preserved through this effort.

I hope you appreciate my sharing these somewhat painful details with you. But if you do have a website, find a way to back up your content. Filezilla is what I used (mindlessly), but I’m sure there are better, even automatic, methods for doing routine backup tasks. Search it out and send email with your results. I’ll be happy to post progress reports.

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