Two Ways to Claim Your Page on Nextdoor


Assuming you are already on Nextdoor and you have connected with your neighborhood, what can you now do to attract clients or customers to your business? As is so often the case, the answer is, “it depends.”

If you need assistance with creating your account and claiming your page on Nextdoor, one call or message to will get you the help you need. Brian Rouley at Mousehelp will provide “Compassionate Care for People with Computers” – anything you need from network connections, to printer installations, to how-to instruction, and even writing for your blog or website. is your electronic communications support expert. In a world full of noise, get the clarity you need, with Mousehelp Communications Training from

It seems if you’ve been recommended, you are more likely to be found when people search Nextdoor. The process of claiming your page allows you to enhance the information people get about you and your business on the Nextdoor website.

For now, here are two ways to “Claim Your Page” on Nextdoor.
Feel free to send feedback on your experience to Mousehelp at Rouzell dot com.
And, if you need the services of a handyman or a business and life coach, you can look up Ken Day or Dr. Simone on DNP.

Note: In the Business page version, I am connected via remote access to Dr. Simone’s computer.
You will only hear my side of the conversation.


NextDoor or Alignable?

Which is best, which do you like best?

Here we will discuss the value and benefit of each to your business. At first blush, I’m guessing that Nextdoor will benefit service providers focused on homeowners and Alignable will be better for businesses who provide B2B services. I’ll be making a list and checking it twice, guessing that both networks turn out to be nice!

Networking With People

That may sound funny, but sometimes you have to say it that way. If you just say networking, it could mean at least a few other things to technical people, or social media enthusiasts, or to people who don’t meet new people face-to-face. English has so many ambiguities!

What I’m talking about, more specifically, is the networking you do where you show up to meetings that are prearranged and attended by basically the same group of people every time. For me, this is a combination of groups. Sunrise Marketing on Tuesday, Desert Networking Professionals on Wednesday, Toastmasters Thursday, and I’m invited to another networking group on Friday mornings. These are all morning meetings. And, that’s a lot of time to commit to being with people on a regular basis. Taken in total, it has the potential to consume around six to ten hours per week of what might otherwise be productive time.

While I could go on about the number of clients, and the new business I’ve been able to find through this method, I would rather focus on the wonderful personal and professional connections I’ve made. In the end, one drives the other. People who know me, like me, trust me – those who have met me via the “networking with people” approach, are far more likely to send referrals and people they know to me for the services I provide.


Original post: Published on: Jan 22, 2014

Updated April 9, 2017.

What’s Your Problem?

DNP Brochure

Click the image to see who we are!

Better yet, how do you go about finding solutions? Yes, I avoided saying, “search” there, because that is one way. Search for local help and as a consumer, you are now making the “cold call.” That’s a sales term for not being, or not having, a warm lead. Most people would rather work with someone who comes with a recommendation, right?

But, what if you were handed a bunch of solutions for problems you don’t yet have? That’s what it’s like to get a DNP (Desert Networking Professionals) brochure. If we (DNP members) are doing this right, our clients will get a copy of this well-crafted colorful collateral that details each of the service providers in our tight-knit group.

We have a group of service providers for so many things and you may need none of them at present. However, we still find some way to connect needs we find with people from our group who can fill them. That is the essence of referrals and it is what drives the networking aspect of this group of professionals.

This is a “pay it forward” proposition. Your role in this group is to find business for the other members, with no expectations attached to your kindness. On the flip side, you have to believe that if people have the need your particular service fills, then naturally some new business should come to you as a result. The goal of each member is to provide that exposure by handing a brochure to his or her client, or to show them the website and perhaps even help them bookmark it for future reference.

So, every Wednesday morning, I get up and go to the meeting. It’s always a better meeting when I can think of someone who needs something from one of our members. Writing that referral to one of my fellow members is what makes attendance pay off, for me.

The Blank Slate

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Tabula rasa

This is where we begin to create. Every day, someone hovers his mouse over +New, then chooses, “Post”, in WordPress, and magically, a blank page appears.
The “Title” field is empty.
That yawning chasm of whiteness appears as the body of the post.
Undaunted, a writer reaches down deep, and creates something – useful, hopeful, insightful, boring, drab, or pointless. You decide.

This goes out as a salute to bloggers everywhere. Keep it up. Perseverance is paramount to success. Without your work, we are down by one.

My next post – which is what I sat down to do, before I had this little spark – will be about keyboard commands, as shown by Kim Komando and contrasted by how I show keyboard commands. It will be far less philosophical than this post, but I plan to make it useful, hopeful, insightful, boring, drab, or pointless, nonetheless.

Published: Jan 27, 2014 @ 18:43
Updated:  Sep 24, 2014 @ 06:37

Hacked Facebook Message Exchange

facebook hacked message exchange

Scammer: I was just wondering if you have heard about the empowerment program in conjunction with Facebook Active user Compensation bonus ,the program is to help people and maintain good standard of living of all the entire community,have you gotten any bonus money from David Mott.

Me: I had not heard of this. Tell me more.

Scammer: The promotion was made to some facebook user in other to benefit from them its a randomly picked of profile on facebook and get $150,000.00 did you get yours from them ???

Me: Can we talk on the phone? I’d like details, but this is the first I’ve heard.

Scammer: i thought you have receive your Money,because i saw your name on the winners list when the ups came to my door step to deliver my $150,000,00 cash to me in person
my phone fell into water last night and i have already order a new phone but they haven;t came to deliver it to me yet

At this point, I’ve decided to call the Facebook user/owner of this account and let her know that somebody is using her account to exchange messages with me. Seems this was already known and I was simply the next person to find out about it.

So, what do you do when your Fb account gets hacked? Obviously, you would instantly change your password, but I think a logged in account will be useful until the user logs out. My recommendation, download your data from Fb, establish a new account under a different email address and delete the hacked account. This is an arduous process (I’ve done it for one of my clients), but worth the effort.

I’m not really sure why I wanted to share this with you, but if it helps anyone to be more careful with passwords, then some good comes of it.

Time Warner Outage – Update

81bcixH0KxL._SL1500_[1]Today, I had to take off my shirt, as I worked up a sweat installing a new cable modem for my client. After a solid week of trying different things to get TWC Internet “service” up and running, I finally resigned to buying a new cable modem from Best Buy (funny, I almost said Fry’s!). Working with Tier 2 support at TWC, we got it provisioned properly and brought up wireless service in this very large home.

There is no way to justify this expense. My client has paid hundreds of dollars. I have spent many, many hours in support of this effort. In the end, TWC support did little to resolve the issue for their customer. If anything, the problem was made worse by their inability to replace the modem by sending a competent technician with said replacement at no cost to their customer.

I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing. As much as I need to be paid to provide computer and network support to my clients, my position on this one is that Time Warner should have been able to produce the same result, without my help.

It’s kind of sad to think that making money would end in frustration for me. In future cases, I may simply advise my client to scream as loudly as possible on calls to support and to persist in being the squeaky wheel, until they get resolution from the company they pay for their service. If I were a TWC technician, I would be ashamed. As it is, I feel bad enough that it took so long and so much effort to resolve this problem.

I’m done, but I’m not happy about it. In fact, if this client loses Internet service again, there is nothing more I can do to effect a cure. This is a sad state of affairs, indeed!